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DataMATES High Speed Ethernet RJ45 Connectors

E6A6826 Data Bus and Ethernet Cable Connectors

e6a6826 data bus ethernet cable connectors, datamates connectors e6a6826

PIC's special RJ45 ethernet connectors are designed to accept the larger diameter of foam-insulated conductors without special treatment, such as compressing or skinning, saving time and making more reliable connections.

RJ45 (Data) Connectors

Description Connector P/N Termination Instructions Tool P/N
Shielded CAT 6, Plug w/ATUM Strain Relief 110731 T-110731 110729
Shielded CAT 6, Plug w/Protective Boot 110725 T-110725 110729
Shielded CAT 6, Plug w/ATUM Strain Relief
(fits Amphenol (RJF) ruggedized backshell)
110790 T-110790 110729
Shielded CAT 6a, Plug w/ATUM Strain Relief 110826 (568A) T-110826 110701
110825 (568B) T-110825 110701
Shielded CAT 6a, 90 Deg Plug w/ATUM Strain Relief 110913 (568A) T-110913 110701
110904 (568B) T-110904 110701
Shielded CAT 6a, Plug w/Clamp Nut Strain Relief 111007 (568A) T-111007 110701
111009 (568B) T-111009 110701
Shielded CAT 6a, Jack w/ATUM Strain Relief 110937 (568A) T-110937 110701
110938 (568B) T-110938 110701
Shielded CAT 6a, Plug, Blade Patch* 110845 PIC Termination Only N/A

Siemon Tera Data Connectors (CAT 7)

Description Connector P/N Termination Instructions Tool P/N
Siemon CAT 7 (Tera) Plug, 4 Pair, 26 AWG 110811 T-110811 110701
Siemon CAT 7 (Tera) Jack, 4 Pair, 26 AWG 110813 T-110813 110701

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