DataMATES High Speed Ethernet RJ45 Connectors

E50424 Data Bus and Ethernet Cable Connectors

datamates connectors e50424

PIC's special RJ45 ethernet connectors are designed to accept the larger diameter of foam-insulated conductors without special treatment, such as compressing or skinning, saving time and making more reliable connections.

RJ45 (Data) Connectors

Description Connector P/N Termination Instructions Tool P/N
Shielded CAT 5e, Plug w/Strain Relief Sleeve 190007 (568A) T-190007-SQ1 110340
190015 (ISDN) T-190015-SQ2** 110340
Shielded CAT 5e, Plug w/Protective Boot 190061 (568A) T-190061-SQ1 110340
190062 (ISDN) T-190062-SQ2** 110340
Shielded CAT 6a, Jack w/ATUM Strain Relief 110939 T-110939-QX 110701

Note: Part 110274 has been replaced with 110340

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