Cable Construction

  1. Fluoropolymer Jacket (Clear)
  2. Silver-Plated Copper Shield
  3. Aluminum / Polyimide Shield
  4. Silver-Plated Copper Flat Strip Braid
  5. PTFE Dielectric
  6. Silver-Plated Copper Conductor

The S67163 cable is particularly suitable for GPS, TCAS, MLS and SATCOM installations. It is lower loss, more flexible and less than half the weight of RG214 and less than one third the weight of RG393.

This special coaxial design incorporates a multi-layered shielding technique that combines conventional shields with an inner braid woven of flat strips of silver plated copper. This “unitized” shield reduces attenuation at frequencies over 1 GHz when compared to round wire braids in standard coaxial cables. Additionally, the cable VSWR is lower because the braids can be applied more uniformly. The attenuation and VSWR variation due to aging and flexure is substantially less.

The S67163 low loss 50 ohm coaxial cable is part of PIC Wire & Cable‘s DataMATES product line of reliable, high quality, performance-manufactured data cables engineered for demanding civil and military applications.

The S67163 low loss coax is Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and meets the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Part 23 and 25, Appendix F; complies with MIL-C-17 as applicable.


S67163 Connectors

50 Ohm ARINC Contacts

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
ARINC 404 Size 1190519T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Size 1190501T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1190502T-190XXX
ARINC 404/600 Size 5190503T-190503
ARINC Size 8 Socket190529T-190529

50 Ohm BNC Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
BNC Straight Plug190512T-190XXX
BNC 90° Plug190513T-190XXX

50 Ohm C Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
C Straight Plug190506T-190XXX
C 90° Plug190507T-190XXX

50 Ohm HN Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
HN Straight Plug190504T-190XXX
HN 90° Plug190505T-190XXX

50 Ohm N Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
N Straight Plug190510T-190XXX
N 90° Plug190511T-190XXX
N Inline Jack190524T-190XXX
N Bulkhead Jack190522T-190XXX

50 Ohm QMA Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
QMA Straight Plug110580T-110580
QMA 90° Plug110581T-110581

50 Ohm SMA Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
SMA Straight Plug190514T-190XXX
SMA 90° Plug190515T-190XXX
SMA Bulkhead Jack111082T-111082

50 Ohm TNC Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
TNC Straight Plug190508T-190XXX
TNC 90° Plug190509T-190XXX
TNC 75° Plug190531T-190XXX
TNC Inline Jack190523T-190XXX
TNC Bulkhead Jack190521T-190XXX

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