Aircraft Connector Innovations

PIC Wire & Cable is committed to identifying innovative solutions to connector challenges and developing new interconnect technology. Understanding industry applications and the associated problems that need to be solved is the key to providing connector products that optimize system performance. Our engineering capabilities include custom connector design for applications with unique requirements.

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MACHFORCE™ is a D38999 style high-speed 10G Ethernet connector designed for rugged data applications. Its patented design offers robust electrical performance with ten 10G Ethernet ports, easy termination and field repairability.

Coax QUAD Connector

Patented connector design featuring four hermetically-sealed connections through one circular hole in the bulkhead, available in TNC and BNC 50 ohm, and BNC 75 ohm types. TCAS/Mode S installations can use three panel holes instead of as many as twelve to save space, time and money.

  "A" End"B" End Features PIC P/N
BNC50 ohmBulkhead4 JacksBNC4 JacksHermetic190056
TNC50 ohmBulkhead4 JacksTNC4 JacksHermetic190052
BNC75 ohmBulkhead4 JacksBNC4 JacksHermetic190054


75 Degree Connectors

When a right-angle or straight connector just won’t cut it. Use wherever a straight connector requires extra space for a cable bend…or where right angle connectors fight for space. A perfect combination with ARINC-to-TNC adaptors.

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