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Aircraft Coaxial & Triaxial Cables - 75 Ohm

PIC VideoMATES 75-ohm coaxial and triaxial cables

Low Loss Coaxial Cable

PIC VideoMATES® 75-ohm are lightweight, flexible, low loss, high-temperature, high-tech cables designed specifically for aircraft systems and other harsh environments. All are constructed with silver-plated copper conductors.

PIC VideoMATES 75-ohm aircraft video cables are designed to minimize EMI while providing low-loss transmission of video signals for cabin security, in-flight entertainment and cockpit displays.

PIC VideoMATES aircraft cables and aircraft cable assemblies are widely specified for major avionic systems in commercial, corporate and military aircraft and all of them meet or exceed FAA flammability requirements.

See the selection table below.

Comparison Table

P/N Ω AWG Application Notes Loss dB/100 ft
(dB/100 m)
Cable O.D.
in (mm)
Weight lbs/100 ft
(kg/100 m)
Burn Test Matching Connectors

Coaxial Cables

V75268 75 26 SMPTE 259M
RG179 Replacement
5.9 (19.4) @ 135 MHz 0.12 (3.10) 1.3 (1.9) View Burn Test View
V76261 75 26 SMPTE 259M
RG179 Replacement
5.8 (19.0) @ 135 MHz 0.12 (3.10) 1.1 (1.7) View Burn Test View
V73263 75 26 SMPTE 292M Video 20.6 (67.6) @ 1.50 GHz 0.13 (3.18) 1.5 (2.2) View Burn Test View
V78209 75 20 SMPTE 424M Video 19.0 (62.3) @ 3.00 GHz 0.21 (5.36) 3.2 (4.7) View Burn Test View

Triaxial Cables

L7626TX 75 26 Radar Systems 5.5 (18.0) @ 100 MHz 0.16 (3.99) 2.2 (3.3) View Burn Test View

RG Replacement

RG Replacement refers to comparable electrical performance, however compatible connectors and assemblies may need to be considered for replacement applications.

RG Cable PIC Replacement Weight Savings as % More Flexible Tighter Bend Radius Smaller OD Lower Attenuation Easier Installation
RG302 V75268 70
RG179 V75268        
RG59 V78209    

PIC Advantages

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