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Lightweight 50 Ohm RF Coaxial Cables

Lightweight 50 Ohm RF Coaxial Cables

In 2009, the aviation industry committed to an average improvement in fuel efficiency of 1.5% annually through 2020. In order to help our customers achieve the requirements, PIC Wire & Cable® has continually developed lighter-weight components. We also understand that lighter components equal thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of an aircraft.

Our new Ultralite cables are yet another example of an innovative cable solution that is both low loss and lightweight.

At PIC we design every product with our customers in mind. We want to make your job easier and we believe that begins with the design of products. Infused with 45 years of industry-leading knowledge and engineering expertise each of our interconnects is designed to deliver superior performance.

PIC’s next generation Ultralites are no exception. Consisting of the UH25107UH67163, UH22089, and UH44193 they are an expansion of our lightweight 50 ohm RF coaxial cable family - RFMATES®. Each Ultralite cable provides a considerable weight savings compared to RG cables and other similar-performing cables:

  • PIC UH25107 is 81% Lighter than RG211
  • PIC UH67163 is 80% Lighter than RG393
  • PIC UH22089 is 60% Lighter than S22089
  • PIC UH44193 is 56% Lighter than RG142

Features & Benefits

  • Better Shielding
    • Silver Plated Copper spiral (helically) wrapped shield
    • Shielding effectiveness of -110 dB
  • Lower Loss (Attenuation)
    • Smaller Size & Bend Radius
  • Improved Dielectric
    • Expanded PTFE or tape wrapped PTFE
    • Higher Velocity of Propagation while maintaining a strong structure
    • Increased flexibility
  • Laser Markable
    • High temperature, white laser-markable jacket
    • Eliminates need for labeling

As part of our RFMATES line, Ultralites are 50 ohm coaxial cables which can be specified for applications encompassing Collision Avoidance, Communications and Navigation.

For an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the Ultralites, please reference our Technical Article.

Comparison Table

P/N Replacement AWG Loss @ 1.0 GHz
dB/100 ft (dB/100m)
Cable O.D.
in (mm)
lbs/100 ft
(kg/100 m)
Burn Test Matching Connectors

Light Weight Low Loss Coax Cable

UH25107 RG211 08 2.8 (9.2) 0.445 (11.30) 12 (17.9) View Burn Test View
UH22089 S22089 10 3.5 (11.5) 0.345 (8.76) 7.2 (10.7) View Burn Test View
UH67163 RG393 14 6.2 (20.3) 0.227 (5.77) 3.4 (5.1) View Burn Test View
UH44193 RG400/142 19 10.4 (34.1) 0.152 (3.86) 1.9 (2.9) View Burn Test View

NOTE: All Electrical, Mechanical, and Environmental (EWIS) Testing has been completed on ULTRALITES cables and their associated connector line. These tests include Vibration, Shock, Thermal Shock, Aging Stability, Flammability, and more. A complete list of the tests completed is available along with a full qualification test report (QTR) if requested here.

Lightweight Aircraft Cable Weight Savings Case Studies

Carrier Spec Existing Coax Weight Replacement
Total Weight Savings % Lighter
Leading OEM Airframe 809.1 feet per copter 59.06 lbs 28.82 lbs 30.24 lbs 51.2%
Regional Jet certified 2005 38 Coax Assemblies per plane 89.74 lbs 45.90 lbs 43.84 lbs 48.9%

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