50 Ohm Coaxial Cable

PIC RFMATES® 50 ohm coaxial cables are lightweight, flexible, low loss transmission, high-temperature cable. Our high-tech aerospace cables are designed specifically for aircraft systems and other harsh environments. Most are constructed with silver-plated copper conductors and shielding. Most 50-ohm designs also incorporate extra shielding for superior EMI protection. Our 50-ohm coaxial cable also features laser markable jackets.

Lightweight 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable

PIC’s next-generation ULTRALITE cables are an expansion of our lightweight 50-ohm coaxial cable family – RFMATES. Each ULTRALITE cable provides considerable weight savings compared to RG cables and other similar-performing cables.

50 Ohm Coaxial Cables | Aircraft Coaxial Cables | RFMATES
50 Ohm RF Cable | Aircraft Coaxial Cables | RFMATES

50 Ohm Triaxial Cable

PIC 50 ohm triaxial cables are also light to reduce fuel consumption and flexible. Our triaxial cables have low loss of transmission signal, low temperature low as -55°C high-temperature up to 200°C and are designed specifically for aircraft systems and other harsh environments.

Aircraft Coaxial and Triaxial Cables

PIC aerospace coaxial cables and aircraft cable assemblies are widely specified for major avionic systems in commercial, corporate and military aircraft and all of them meet or exceed FAA flammability requirements. A test report is included with every assembly.

Low Loss Coaxial Cable

50 Ohm Coaxial Cables | Aircraft Coaxial Cables | RFMATES

The low loss coax cable 50-ohm construction consists of 1.) an outer FEP jacket (clear) 2.) silver-plated copper shield, 3.) aluminum/polymide shield, 4.) silver-plated copper flat strip braid, 5.) PTFE Dielectric, and 6.) silver-plated copper conductor.

High-Temperature Cable

PIC carries high-temperature cable wire in a wide variety of configurations to suit every harsh environment application. The temperature range for the majority of the coaxial cable is -55/+200° and for triaxial cable -55/+150°.

50 Ohm Coaxial Cables | Aircraft Coaxial Cables | RFMATES

Comparison Table

ReplacementAWGLoss @ 1.0 GHz
dB/100 ft (dB/100m)
O.D. in (mm)Weight
lbs/100 ft
(kg/100 m)
Burn TestConnectors

Light Weight Low Loss Coax Cables

UH25107RG211082.8 (9.2)0.445 (11.30)12.0 (17.9)ViewView
UH22089103.5 (11.5)0.345 (8.76)7.2 (10.7)ViewView
UH67163RG393146.2 (20.3)0.227 (5.77)3.4 (5.1)ViewView
UH44193RG400/1421910.4 (34.1)0.155 (3.94)1.9 (2.9)ViewView

Low Loss Coax Cables

S22089RG214/RG393103.5 (11.5)0.435 (11.05)18.0 (26.8)ViewView
S55122RG393125.1 (16.7)0.31 (7.87)8.3 (12.4)ViewView
S33141RG393146.7 (22.0)0.27 (6.86)6.5 (9.7)ViewView
S67163RG393157.0 (23.0)0.23 (5.72)5.4 (8.0)ViewView
S65161-ARG393168.2 (26.9)0.20 (4.95)3.5 (5.2)ViewView
S44193RG1421911.1 (36.4)0.195 (4.95)4.3 (6.4)ViewView
S44191RG4002011.8 (38.7)0.20 (4.95)4.3 (6.4)ViewView
S88207RG1422012.8 (42.0)0.13 (3.30)1.9 (2.8)ViewView
S86208RG1422114.1 (46.3)0.13 (3.30)2.0 (2.9)ViewView
S40501RG4052419.4 (63.6)0.10 (2.54)1.4 (2.1)View*
S31601RG3162626.3 (86.3)0.10 (2.54)1.0 (1.5)ViewView

High Loss Coax Cables

S46191N/A2022.3 (73.2)0.20 (4.95)2.7 (4.0)ViewView

Triax Cables

L8620TXN/A2115.1 (49.5)0.17 (4.39)2.9 (4.3)ViewView
L2201TXN/A2020.4 (66.9)0.25 (6.22)6.0 (8.9)ViewView

NOTE: All Electrical, Mechanical, and Environmental (EWIS) Testing has been completed on PIC’s RFMATES cables and their associated connector line. These tests include Vibration, Shock, Thermal Shock, Aging Stability, Flammability, and more. A complete list of the tests completed is available along with a full qualification test report (QTR) if requested here.

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RG Replacement

RG Replacement refers to comparable electrical performance, however compatible connectors may need to be considered for replacement applications.

RG CablePIC ReplacementWeight Savings as %More FlexibleTighter Bend RadiusSmaller ODLower AttenuationBetter Shielding Effectiveness

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