PIC MicroMATES X and KU Band Cable Assemblies

Aircraft Microwave Cables & High-Frequency RF Cables

High-Frequency RF Cables Meets Superior Quality.

PIC’s high-frequency RF cables are manufactured with superior-quality cables designed for today’s demands. There is a growing trend in the avionics industry towards the use of High-Frequency RF Cables. Not only do consumers want high-frequency bandwidth data on their aircraft, but there is also a growing need to support satellite communications. Like all our 50 ohm coaxial cables, our new High-Frequency Cables feature a minimum of 200°C on all materials, and with 50 years of design and manufacturing expertise, our high-frequency cables reduce weight, decrease loss and improve EMI performance.

With current RF coaxial cable technology sufficiently serving lower bands [L, S, C] RF/Microwave coaxial cable technology is advancing to serve mid-range bands at higher frequencies [X, Ku, K, Ka].

Like all our 50 ohm coaxial cables, MicroMATES® far exceed Mil-Spec Standards with minimum 200° rated materials throughout. Designed specifically to serve Ku Band Cable and X Band Cable Applications, these microwave cables feature; Inner Flat Braid or Strip Braid; High Temp Polyimide Foil; Dual Braided Shields; and Silver-Plated Copper throughout.

Microwave Cables and High Frequency RF Cables

MicroMATES Microwave Cable Assemblies

Correct cable assembly is key to maximizing the benefits of cable and connector technology. Our special tooling and specialized technicians ensure your job is done to precision. Let us build your MicroMATES cable assembly for you.

Microwave Cables and High Frequency RF Cables - MicroMATES

Comparison Table

AWGLoss @ 18 GHz
dB/100 ft
in (mm)
lbs/100 ft
(kg/100 m)
Burn Test

Coax Cables

HT77300F501224.7 (81.0)0.30 (7.62)8.8 (13.1)View
HT77210F501637.3 (122.4)0.21 (5.28)4.5 (6.7)View
HH85295F501119.7 (64.6)0.29 (7.37)7.9 (11.8)View

MicroMATES Connector Data

HT77300FHT77210FHH85295FConnector Type
120208120508120608TNC Straight Plug
120221120521120621TNC Bulkhead Jack
120209120509120609TNC 90° Plug
120214120514120614SMA Straight Plug
120215120515120615SMA 90° Plug
120210120510120610N Straight Plug
120222N/A120622N Bulkhead Jack
120211120511120611N 90° Plug
N/A120535N/ABMB SZ 5 Jack
N/A120534N/ABMB Jack Snap Mount

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