PIC Wire & Cable’s core competencies ensure customer satisfaction from the first call to our technical sales team all the way through to delivery and post-sale support. By consistently exceeding our customers expectations, PIC has earned a reputation of reliability and trust.

Helping Customers Identify Solutions

The PIC Wire & Cable technical sales team has deep industry and application knowledge developed through years of practical, hands on experience. Taking a personal and collaborative approach to finding solutions for even the most challenging systems, the technical sales team will help identify the best way to meet our customers’ requirements.

Deploying Technology

Ensuring top performance and high quality requires the ability to effectively identify and deploy the latest technologies. PIC Wire & Cable’s engineering staff is continually evaluating new technologies and using this knowledge to improve products.

Developing Custom Products

The best solution may not always be one that is “off the shelf”. PIC Wire & Cable can quickly develop new products – aircraft cables, connectors and assemblies – when the need arises. Relying on a strong process foundation and current tools, PIC Wire & Cable can build a wide variety of certified cable assemblies.

Delivering Solutions

Finding a solution is only valuable if it can be delivered when and where you need it. Using well developed processes and business systems, the PIC Wire & Cable inside sales team will work closely with technical sales and inside operations to ensure that products are delivered quickly and accurately.

Ensuring High Quality & Reliability

At PIC Wire & Cable, every employee is responsible for quality. A corporate culture that will accept nothing less than perfect quality combined with a solid process infrastructure provides products that are of the highest quality in the industry.


At PIC Wire & Cable, we believe that our success is created by people – our customers, our employees and our business partners. The way in which PIC Wire & Cable conducts business is driven by this belief and our values that support it.

  • Understand & Exceed Customer Expectations for Value
  • Communicate Openly, Honestly & Professionally
  • Make and Meet Commitments With Urgency
  • Do What’s Right Even When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It

Our Commitment to Quality

PIC Wire & Cable is committed to providing high quality, premium products and services to the aerospace and defense industries. It has implemented industry recognized quality management standards in order to build robust quality systems that will help ensure product safety, quality and reliability.

Quality Policy

“Making our Customers’ Jobs Easier” is integral to The Angelus Corporation’s quality system and to our success as a diversified Aerospace and Defense products & services provider.

Strong character-based employees, well-defined processes and solid business management systems are essential to our quality management system. We are committed to establishing quality and business objectives that pursue continuous improvement, satisfy customer requirements, thoroughly conform with statutory & regulatory requirements, and achieve process excellence that results in superior products & services.