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Aircraft Cable

PIC Wire & Cable specializes in aircraft cables and aircraft cable assemblies. We manufacture aircraft cable for commercial, corporate and military specifications.

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PIC is a global provider of aircraft cables, electronic cables, cable connectors and avionic cable assemblies for demanding military, corporate and commercial applications that include airplanes, helicopters, ground vehicles, rail transport and marine vessels.

Aircraft Cable Meets Stringent Criteria

Using the latest technologies, PIC aircraft cable and cable products are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria required for these advanced electronic applications - EMI immunity, lightweight, low loss, high temperature, harsh environment. Ensuring world class quality and reliability is a top priority at PIC, as evidenced by our world class quality certifications and consistently positive customer feedback.

For avionics cable, aerospace cable and aircraft cable there's only one PIC.

  • Aircraft Cable Leader - Ben
  • Aircraft Cable Leadership - Tony
  • Aircraft Cable Sales Expert - Tim
  • Aircraft Cable Sales Expert - Todd
  • Aircraft Cable Sales Expert - Mike Lobes

PIC has over 40 years of application success in programs worldwide including aircraft cable and aircraft cable assemblies. Let us help you find the best cabling solution for your network cable, data transfer cable and communication cable applications - the experienced PIC technical sales team is available to serve you.

Quality Aircraft Cable

At PIC Wire & Cable we're constantly aiming higher–never satisfied in producing better wire and cable products; always focused on providing superior solutions.


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