Cable Construction

  1. ETFE Jacket (White) Laser Markable
  2. Silver-Plated Copper Braided Shield
  3. Foil Shields
  4. Fluoropolymer Insulation
  5. Silver-Plated Copper Drain Wire
  6. Silver-Plated High Strength Copper Alloy Conductors

Color Codes

  • Twisted Data Pair: White, Green
  • Shielded Data Pair #1: Violet, Orange
  • Shielded Data Pair #1: Yellow, Blue
  • Power Wires: Red, Black

This SuperSpeedPlus (SSP) high speed data cable can be used for high resolution video and also larger, faster storage solutions that require USB 3.1 or 3.0 compliant cables.

USB3-2624-9 will perform as a USB 3.1 & USB 3.0 cable solution and is backwards compatible for USB 2.0.

This cable is compliant with the Universal Serial Bus Specification 3.1 and can be used for 10 Gbps applications.

USB3-2624-9 is Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and meets the FAA flammability requirements of FAR part 23 and 25.

Contact PIC Wire & Cable for connector availability and to inquire about pre-assembled, tested cable assemblies.