Cable Construction

  1. Fluoropolymer Jacket (Clear)
  2. Silver-Plated Copper Shield
  3. Silver-Plated Copper Strip Braid
  4. PTFE Dielectric
  5. Silver-Plated Copper Conductor

Designed as a lightweight replacement for M17/128-RG400, S86208 is a low loss coaxial cable that is two-thirds the diameter and less than half the weight — 20 lbs vs 43 lbs per 1,000 ft. compared to the RG400 coax. This is accomplished through the use of a low-loss PTFE expanded-tape dielectric between the center conductor and the shield. In addition, the inner braid of the S86208 low loss coaxial cable is a silver-plated copper strip braid, offering improved shielding and greater strength than conventional wire braid.

The S86208 50 ohm coaxial cable comes from our RFMATES line of ultralite coaxial cables.

S86208 has attenuation figures approximately 20% better than RG400. A fluoropolymer jacket protects the S86208 low loss coaxial cable against abrasion and environmental effects while maintaining flexibility for ease of installation.

S86208 has been approved by Honeywell for the Apex/Epic System. It is Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and meets the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Part 23 and 25, Appendix F; complies with MIL-C-17 as applicable.

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S86208 Connectors

50 Ohm ARINC Contacts

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
ARINC 404 Size 1190819T-1908XX
ARINC 600 Size 1190801T-1908XX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1190802T-1908XX
ARINC 404/600 Size 5190803T-1908XX
ARINC Size 8 Pin190837T-1908XX
ARINC Size 8 Socket190829T-1908XX

50 Ohm BNC Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
BNC Straight Plug190812T-1908XX
BNC 90° Plug190813T-1908XX

50 Ohm C Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
C Straight Plug190806T-1908XX
C 90° Plug190807T-1908XX

50 Ohm D-SUB Contacts

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
D-SUB Size 8 Pin110286T-Dsub50
D-SUB Precision 50 Ohm Size 8 Socket110260T-Dsub50
D-SUB Size 8 Socket110212T-Dsub50
D-SUB Precision 50 Ohm Size 8 Pin111113T-Dsub50

50 Ohm HN Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
HN 90° Plug190805T-1908XX

50 Ohm M39029 Contacts

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
M39029 Size 8 Pin190838T-1908XX
M39029 Size 8 Pin w/Enviro Seal190838-01T-1908XX
M39029 Size 8 Socket190839T-1908XX
M39029 Size 8 Socket w/Enviro Seal190839-01T-1908XX
M39029 Size 12 Pin190866T-190866
M39029 Size 12 Socket190867T-190867

50 Ohm N Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
N Straight Plug190810T-1908XX
N 90° Plug190811T-1908XX
N Bulkhead Jack190822T-1908XX

50 Ohm QMA Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
QMA Straight Plug110566T-110566
QMA 90° Plug110567T-110567

50 Ohm SMA Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
SMA Straight Plug190814T-1908XX
SMA 90° Plug190815T-1908XX
SMA Inline Jack190825T-1908XX

50 Ohm TNC Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
TNC Straight Plug190808T-1908XX
TNC 90° Plug190809T-1908XX
TNC 90° Plug (Long)190809-LT-190809-L
TNC Bulkhead Jack190821T-1908XX

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