Cable Construction

  1. Fluoropolymer Jacket (Olive Drab)
  2. Round Silver-Plated Copper
  3. Silver-Plated Copper Spiral Shield
  4. PTFE Dielectric
  5. Solid Silver-Plated Copper

Designed specifically to serve High-Frequency Applications on the Ku band & X band, this new, flexible microwave cable features minimum 200°C on all materials, and Silver-Plated Copper throughout. The HH85295F 50 Ohm Microwave Coaxial Cable is a 100% shielded construction, incorporating a flat spiral-wrapped shield which achieves -110 dB shielding effectiveness, same as a solid copper tube. The inner spiral shield conforms to the low-loss PTFE dielectric for superior uniformity and stability of all operation parameters, initially and over time.

Special tooling and specialized technicians ensure your custom cable assembly is done to precision—maximizing the performance of the PIC HH85295F with: Certified Test Process & Equipment– ISO 9001/AS 9100; Phase-matched Ship Sets; Complete Lot Traceability; Certified Test Reports; and Improved Supply Chain Efficiency.


For quality assurance, this cable is sold in a cable assembly only. Contact Us 

HH85295F Connectors

Ohm N Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
N 120610*
N 120611*
N 120622*

Ohm SMA Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
SMA 120614*
SMA 120615*

Ohm TNC Connectors

DescriptionPart NumberTermination Instructions
TNC 120608*
TNC 120609*
TNC 120621*

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