Cable Construction

  1. High Strength Silver-Plated Copper Conductors
  2. Foil Shield (Ea. Pair)
  3. Foil Shield (Overall)
  4. Silver-Plated Copper Round Braid Shield
  5. ETFE Jacket (White) Laser Markable

Color Codes

Twisted Data Pairs:

  • Pair #1 – White, Yellow
  • Pair #2 – Orange, Red
  • Pair #3 – White, Green
  • Pair #4 – Orange, Brown
  • Pair #5 – Orange, Blue

Single Wires: Black, Orange, Gray, Violet

This HDMI 2.0 cable is ideal for applications including digital video, in-flight entertainment (IFE), glass cockpits, weather mapping radar, and electronic flight bag (EFB).

The cable is manufactured to transmit uncompressed video in aircraft where demand for higher resolutions are continually increasing. Our conductor insulation keeps wire pairs twisted together and allows for rapid stripping utilizing standard tooling. The overall diameter is minimized to provide a small bend radius and maximize flexibility. Additionally, the jacket is rugged, passing the abrasion testing of EN3475-503.

This cable meets HDMI 2.0 (18 Gbps) requirements and has been successfully tested at a distance of 5m:
• 4K @ 60Hz, Video Resolution up to 5m (16.4′)

HDMI-1926-9T is Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and meets the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Part 23 and 25, Appendix F.

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