Cable Construction

  1. ETFE Jacket (White) Laser Markable
  2. Tin-Plated Copper Braided Shield
  3. Tin-Plated Copper Drain Wire
  4. Foil Shield
  5. Solid Fluoropolymer Insulation
  6. Foamed Fluoropolymer Insulation
  7. Tin-Plated Copper Conductors

Color Codes

  • Pair #1 – White, Blue
  • Pair #2 – Orange, Green
  • Power Conductors: Red, Black

This Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable incorporates innovative design features that provide maximum electrical performance in a small, lightweight, flexible package.

This cable is manufactured with a white ETFE jacket that is laser-markable and also very rugged, passing the abrasion testing of EN3475-503. The data pairs are manufactured using a high temp Fluoropolymer. The data pairs will perform and exceed CAT 5e channel requirements up to 257′. Data transmission aboard aircraft faces more severe environmental and EMI situations than conventional LAN systems in commercial buildings, hence special measures have been taken to preserve technical performance.

E5E1724 is ideal for harsh environment applications that demand high reliability, maximum flexibility and light weight, such as cabin management, in-flight entertainment, internet backbones. It is Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and passes the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Part 23 and 25, Appendix F.