Cable Construction

  1. ETFE Jacket (Clear)
  2. Tin-Plated Copper Braided Shield
  3. ETFE Insulation
  4. Tin-Plated Copper Conductors

Color Codes

  • White, Blue

This special cable is designed for use in ARINC 429 data bus systems, in addition to other approved applications listed below:

Honeywell has approved D620224 for handling high-speed digital information, including:

  • UDI port inputs/outputs between DATA NAV processors, Lightning Sensor System processors and PRIMUS weather radar indicators.
  • Picture bus signals between PRIMUS weather radar receiver/transmitters and EFIS symbol generators. (Honeywell EPIC/APEX Integrated Avionics Systems).

AlliedSignal approved PIC cable D620224 for video and deflection cabling between the symbol generators and display units for the EFS 40/50.

D620224 is Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and passes the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Part 23 and 25, Appendix F. Test results are available upon request.

Honeywell P/N 3718911-11

Bendix/King P/N 025-05114-0000