Cable Construction

  1. ETFE Jacket (White) Laser Markable
  2. Tin-Plated Copper Braided Shield
  3. ETFE Insulation
  4. Tin-Plated Copper Conductors

Color Codes

  • White, Blue

This special 70 ohm controlled impedance cable is designed for use in ARINC 429 data bus systems. This ARINC 429 cable has been designed with a high temp, laser-markable white ETFE jacket which saves time, eliminating the need to label the cable every 6 inches or so as required by numerous cabling standards.

The D620222 70 ohm cable is Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and passes the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Part 23 and 25, Appendix F. Test results are available upon request.

The D620222 is part of our dataMATES line of aerospace cables and wire.

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