PIC Wire & Cable Launches Next Generation Lightweight and Low Loss Cables

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For over 45 years, PIC Wire & Cable has been the trusted solution for electronic cables, connectors, and assemblies. We are constantly developing innovative solutions to help make our customers’ jobs easier.

As an extension of PIC’s 50 ohm coaxial cable product line, the ULTRALITES are designed to be ultra lightweight and low loss. The cable is extremely innovative, using a unique and lightweight dielectric, laser-markability, improved shielding effectiveness, and a smaller outer diameter.

“We understand every pound you can save on an aircraft is extremely valuable,” said Mike Taubenheim, Director of Engineering at PIC. “We’ve engineered an incredible cable line that will save you significant weight while maintaining exceptional electrical performance.”

  • PIC UH67163 is 80% lighter than RG393
  • PIC UH22089 is 60% lighter than S22089
  • PIC UH44193 is 56% lighter than RG142

Reduce airframe weight while increasing fuel efficiency and payload by specifying PIC RFMATES ULTRALITES on your next project.

Learn more about PIC’s ULTRALITE cables or for an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the ULTRALITES, please reference our Technical Article.

For any question regarding our new ULTRALITE cables, please contact a Sales Engineer at .

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