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As your Proven Solutions Partner, we will make your job easier by meeting objectives and delivering unsurpassed quality, technology and service. We have over 50 years of advanced electronic application success in major programs and systems worldwide.

Technical Sales

Our team of technical sales experts is available to assist customers to evaluate and define project requirements. Their exposure to a wide variety of electronic cable application platforms and environmental requirements is an essential element in PIC’s RAPID RESPONSE customer program. Whether for military, corporate, commercial, or general aviation use, our team is well versed in applicable standards, certifications, and material selection so they can guide engineers to a reliable solution regarding network cables, data transfer cables and communication cables.


If a project requires new materials or design for individual components or assemblies, PIC’s staff of design engineers is available to develop ultra-light cabling, with high EMI characteristics.

Prototype Development

Once a concept is reviewed and approved by a client, it is handed over to our prototyping team for development. Whether it is a single sample, or a higher quantity test run, you can expect the same high quality and quick delivery PIC’s longstanding clients have come to expect for this service.


PIC Wire and Cable is fully ISO certified and has integrated business and manufacturing management systems that connect employees and departments throughout the organization to work collaboratively on in-house projects.


Testing is an important step in PIC’s manufacturing process. The company culture dictates that quality is designed and built into each product it produces, not added in at the end. However, testing is an extra step that ensures that our Quality Culture is documented, demonstrable and deliverable.

Quotations & Orders

Many clients work with programs that have long gestation periods, and short implementation schedules once the program is approved. PIC clients have learned they can consistently rely on an accurate and quick response from the PIC Rapid Response Team.

Post-sale Support

Whether an order has a short lead time or requires multi-destination execution, You can count on a friendly response to your inquiries, and accurate, timely execution of your request. Our team knows that delivery errors are costly, and will take all the necessary care to ensure your order is handled with utmost care.

The Best Value in the Industry

According to an independent survey, PIC is consistently rated as a top supplier in overall value provided to customers.

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