PIC Wire & Cable has an extensive line of high quality 50 ohm coax connectors and contacts for its cable offering, including TNC, BNC, N, HN, C, SMA, ARINC, M39029 and D-Sub connectors. In addition, PIC has many innovative connectors that improve termination, installation, maintenance and reliability. To ensure proper field installation, termination instructions and crimp die sets are available for most connectors. PIC also offers complete certified cable assemblies built to your requirements.

Watch a video on how to terminate a TNC Connector onto a 50 ohm coaxial cable.

Note: Refer to Connector drawing or Termination Instructions for tooling information.

*Call PIC Wire & Cable for Tooling.

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50 Ohm ARINC Contacts

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
ARINC 404 Size 1S55122190619T-190XXX
ARINC 404 Size 1S33141190319T-190XXX
ARINC 404 Size 1S67163190519T-190XXX
ARINC 404 Size 1S65161-A190519AT-1905XXA
ARINC 404 Size 1L2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190119T-190XXX
ARINC 404 Size 1L8620TX S86208 S88207190819T-1908XX
ARINC 404/600 Size 5UH67163150503T-1505XX
ARINC 404/600 Size 5UH44193150103T-1501XX
ARINC 404/600 Size 5S33141190303T-190303
ARINC 404/600 Size 5S65161-A S67163190503T-190503
ARINC 404/600 Size 5S65161-A190503A*
ARINC 404/600 Size 5L2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193110123T-110123
ARINC 404/600 Size 5L8620TX S86208 S88207190803T-1908XX
ARINC 404/600 Size 5111122T-111122
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1UH25107190402T-UH25107
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1S22089190402T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1UH22089150402T-1504XX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1UH67163150502T-1505XX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1UH44193150102T-1501XX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1S55122190602T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1S33141190302T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1S67163190502T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1S65161-A190502AT-1905XXA
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1L2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190102T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Modified Size 1L8620TX S86208 S88207190802T-1908XX
ARINC 600 Size 1S22089190401T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Size 1UH25107190401T-UH25107
ARINC 600 Size 1UH22089150401T-1504XX
ARINC 600 Size 1UH67163150501T-1505XX
ARINC 600 Size 1UH44193150101T-1501XX
ARINC 600 Size 1S55122190601T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Size 1S33141190301T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Size 1S67163190501T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Size 1S65161-A190501AT-1905XXA
ARINC 600 Size 1L2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190101T-190XXX
ARINC 600 Size 1L8620TX S86208 S88207190801T-1908XX
ARINC 600 Size 8111079T-111079
ARINC Size 12 SocketS31601110981T-110981
ARINC Size 5 PinS31601110786T-110786
ARINC Size 5 SocketS31601110928T-110928
ARINC Size 8 PinL8620TX S86208 S88207190837T-1908XX
ARINC Size 8 SocketUH44193150129T-1501XX
ARINC Size 8 SocketS33141190329T-190329
ARINC Size 8 SocketL8620TX S86208 S88207190829T-1908XX
ARINC Size 8 SocketS67163190529T-190529

50 Ohm BNC Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
BNC 90° PlugUH25107190413T-UH25107
BNC 90° PlugS22089190413T-190XXX
BNC 90° PlugUH22089150413T-1504XX
BNC 90° PlugUH67163150513T-1505XX
BNC 90° PlugUH44193150113T-1501XX
BNC 90° PlugS55122190613T-190XXX
BNC 90° PlugS33141190313T-190XXX
BNC 90° PlugS67163190513T-190XXX
BNC 90° PlugS65161-A190513AT-1905XXA
BNC 90° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190113T-190XXX
BNC 90° PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190813T-1908XX
BNC 90° Plug (Long)UH44193150113-LT-1501XX
BNC 90° Plug (Long)UH67163150513-LT-1505XX
BNC Bulkhead JackUH44193150128T-1501XX
BNC Bulkhead JackL2201TX110193*
BNC Bulkhead JackS46191 S44191 S44193111202T-111202
BNC Inline JackS33141190327T-190XXX
BNC Inline JackL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190127T-190XXX
BNC Inline JackS31601111134T-111134
BNC Straight PlugUH25107190412T-UH25107
BNC Straight PlugS22089190412T-190XXX
BNC Straight PlugUH22089150412T-1504XX
BNC Straight PlugUH67163150512T-1505XX
BNC Straight PlugUH44193150112T-1501XX
BNC Straight PlugS55122190612T-190XXX
BNC Straight PlugS33141190312T-190XXX
BNC Straight PlugS67163190512T-190XXX
BNC Straight PlugS65161-A190512AT-1905XXA
BNC Straight PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190112T-190XXX
BNC Straight PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190812T-1908XX
BNC Straight PlugS31601111128T-111128

50 Ohm C Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
C 90° PlugUH25107190407T-UH25107
C 90° PlugS22089190407T-190XXX
C 90° PlugUH22089150407T-1504XX
C 90° PlugUH44193150107T-1501XX
C 90° PlugS55122190607T-190XXX
C 90° PlugS33141190307T-190XXX
C 90° PlugS67163190507T-190XXX
C 90° PlugS65161-A190507AT-1905XXA
C 90° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190107T-190XXX
C 90° PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190807T-1908XX
C Straight PlugUH25107190406T-UH25107
C Straight PlugS22089190406T-190XXX
C Straight PlugUH22089150406T-1504XX
C Straight PlugUH44193150106T-1501XX
C Straight PlugS55122190606T-190XXX
C Straight PlugS33141190306T-190XXX
C Straight PlugS67163190506T-190XXX
C Straight PlugS65161-A190506AT-1905XXA
C Straight PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190106T-190XXX
C Straight PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190806T-1908XX

50 Ohm D-SUB Contacts

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
D-SUB Precision 50 Ohm Size 8 PinL8620TX S86208 S88207111113T-Dsub50
D-SUB Precision 50 Ohm Size 8 SocketL8620TX S86208 S88207110260T-Dsub50
D-SUB Size 8 PinUH44193150163T-150163
D-SUB Size 8 PinL8620TX S86208 S88207110286T-Dsub50
D-SUB Size 8 SocketUH44193150164T-150164
D-SUB Size 8 SocketL8620TX S86208 S88207110212T-Dsub50
D-SUB Size 8 SocketS31601111152T-111152

50 Ohm HN Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
HN 90° PlugUH67163150505T-1505XX
HN 90° PlugS55122190605T-190XXX
HN 90° PlugS33141190305T-190XXX
HN 90° PlugS67163190505T-190XXX
HN 90° PlugS65161-A190505AT-1905XXA
HN 90° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190105T-190XXX
HN 90° PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190805T-1908XX
HN Straight PlugUH67163150504T-1505XX
HN Straight PlugS55122190604T-190XXX
HN Straight PlugS33141190304T-190XXX
HN Straight PlugS67163190504T-190XXX
HN Straight PlugS65161-A190504AT-1905XXA
HN Straight PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190104T-190XXX

50 Ohm M39029 Contacts

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
M39029 Size 12 PinL8620TX S86208 S88207190866T-190866
M39029 Size 12 SocketL8620TX S86208 S88207190867T-190867
M39029 Size 8 PinUH67163150538T-150538
M39029 Size 8 PinUH44193150138T-1501XX
M39029 Size 8 PinS33141190338T-190338
M39029 Size 8 PinL8620TX S86208 S88207190838T-1908XX
M39029 Size 8 Pin w/Enviro SealL8620TX S86208 S88207190838-01T-1908XX
M39029 Size 8 SocketUH67163150539T-150539
M39029 Size 8 SocketUH44193150139T-1501XX
M39029 Size 8 SocketS33141190339T-190339
M39029 Size 8 SocketL8620TX S86208 S88207190839T-1908XX
M39029 Size 8 Socket w/Enviro SealL8620TX S86208 S88207190839-01T-1908XX

50 Ohm MMCX Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
MMCX Straight Plug111154T-111154

50 Ohm N Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
N 90° PlugUH25107190411T-UH25107
N 90° PlugS22089190411T-190XXX
N 90° PlugUH22089150411T-1504XX
N 90° PlugUH67163150511T-1505XX
N 90° PlugUH44193150111T-1501XX
N 90° PlugS55122190611T-190XXX
N 90° PlugS33141190311T-190XXX
N 90° PlugS67163190511T-190XXX
N 90° PlugS65161-A190511AT-1905XXA
N 90° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190111T-190XXX
N 90° PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190811T-1908XX
N 90° PlugS31601111136T-111136
N Bulkhead JackUH25107190422T-UH25107
N Bulkhead JackS22089190422T-190XXX
N Bulkhead JackUH22089150422T-1504XX
N Bulkhead JackUH67163150522T-1505XX
N Bulkhead JackUH44193150122T-1501XX
N Bulkhead JackS55122190622T-190XXX
N Bulkhead JackS33141190322T-190XXX
N Bulkhead JackS67163190522T-190XXX
N Bulkhead JackS65161-A190522AT-1905XXA
N Bulkhead JackL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193110087*
N Bulkhead JackL8620TX S86208 S88207190822T-1908XX
N Bulkhead JackS31601111071T-111071
N Inline JackUH25107190424T-UH25107
N Inline JackS22089190424T-190XXX
N Inline JackS33141190324T-190XXX
N Inline JackS67163190524T-190XXX
N Inline JackS65161-A190524AT-1905XXA
N Straight PlugUH25107190410T-UH25107
N Straight PlugS22089190410T-190XXX
N Straight PlugUH22089150410T-1504XX
N Straight PlugUH67163150510T-1505XX
N Straight PlugUH44193150110T-1501XX
N Straight PlugS55122190610T-190XXX
N Straight PlugS33141190310T-190XXX
N Straight PlugS67163190510T-190XXX
N Straight PlugS65161-A190510AT-1905XXA
N Straight PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190110T-190XXX
N Straight PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190810T-1908XX
N Straight PlugS31601110876T-110876

50 Ohm QMA Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
QMA 90° PlugUH67163150550T-1505XX
QMA 90° PlugS67163110581T-110581
QMA 90° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193110577*
QMA 90° PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207110567T-110567
QMA 90° PlugS31601110980T-110980
QMA Bulkhead JackS31601110978T-110978
QMA Straight PlugUH67163150549T-1505XX
QMA Straight PlugS67163110580T-110580
QMA Straight PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193110576T-110576
QMA Straight PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207110566T-110566
QMA Straight PlugS31601111146T-111146

50 Ohm SC Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
SC Straight PlugUH67163150569T-1505XX

50 Ohm SMA Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
SMA 90° PlugUH22089150415T-1504XX
SMA 90° PlugUH67163150515T-1505XX
SMA 90° PlugUH44193150115T-1501XX
SMA 90° PlugS55122190615T-190XXX
SMA 90° PlugS33141190315T-190XXX
SMA 90° PlugS67163190515T-190XXX
SMA 90° PlugS65161-A190515AT-1905XXA
SMA 90° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193110207T-110207
SMA 90° PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190815T-1908XX
SMA 90° PlugS31601111140T-111140
SMA Bulkhead JackS67163111082T-111082
SMA Bulkhead Jack111082*
SMA Bulkhead JackS31601111142T-111142
SMA Inline JackUH67163150525T-1505XX
SMA Inline JackS55122190625T-190XXX
SMA Inline JackL8620TX S86208 S88207190825T-1908XX
SMA Inline JackS31601111144T-111144
SMA Straight PlugUH22089150414T-1504XX
SMA Straight PlugUH67163150514T-1505XX
SMA Straight PlugUH44193150114T-1501XX
SMA Straight PlugS55122190614T-190XXX
SMA Straight PlugS33141190314T-190XXX
SMA Straight PlugS67163190514T-190XXX
SMA Straight PlugS65161-A190514AT-1905XXA
SMA Straight PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193110198T-110198
SMA Straight PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190814T-1908XX
SMA Straight PlugS31601111138T-111138

50 Ohm SMB Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
SMB 90° PlugS31601111150T-111150
SMB Straight PlugS31601111148T-111148

50 Ohm Special Purpose Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
Special Purpose Rockwell ProLine Avionics Coaxial SocketUH44193150120T-150120
Special Purpose Rockwell ProLine Avionics Coaxial SocketUH67163150520T-150520

50 Ohm TNC Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
TNC 75° PlugS55122190631T-190XXX
TNC 75° PlugS33141190331T-190XXX
TNC 75° PlugS67163190531T-190XXX
TNC 75° PlugS65161-A190531AT-1905XXA
TNC 75° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190131T-190XXX
TNC 90° PlugUH25107190409T-UH25107
TNC 90° PlugS22089190409T-190XXX
TNC 90° PlugUH22089150409T-1504XX
TNC 90° PlugUH67163150509T-1505XX
TNC 90° PlugUH44193150109T-1501XX
TNC 90° PlugS55122190609T-190XXX
TNC 90° PlugS33141190309T-190XXX
TNC 90° PlugS67163190509T-190XXX
TNC 90° PlugS65161-A190509AT-1905XXA
TNC 90° PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190109T-190XXX
TNC 90° PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190809T-1908XX
TNC 90° PlugS31601110874*
TNC 90° Plug (Long)UH22089150409-LT-1504XX
TNC 90° Plug (Long)UH67163150509-LT-1505XX
TNC 90° Plug (Long)L8620TX S86208 S88207190809-LT-190809-L
TNC Bulkhead JackUH25107190421T-UH25107
TNC Bulkhead JackS22089190421T-190XXX
TNC Bulkhead JackUH22089150421T-1504XX
TNC Bulkhead JackUH67163150521T-1505XX
TNC Bulkhead JackUH44193150121T-1501XX
TNC Bulkhead JackS55122190621T-190XXX
TNC Bulkhead JackS33141190321T-190XXX
TNC Bulkhead JackS67163190521T-190XXX
TNC Bulkhead JackS65161-A190521AT-1905XXA
TNC Bulkhead JackL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190121T-190XXX
TNC Bulkhead JackL8620TX S86208 S88207190821T-1908XX
TNC Inline JackUH25107190423T-UH25107
TNC Inline JackS22089190423T-190XXX
TNC Inline JackUH67163150523T-1505XX
TNC Inline JackS55122190623T-190XXX
TNC Inline JackS33141190323T-190XXX
TNC Inline JackS67163190523T-190XXX
TNC Inline JackS65161-A190523AT-1905XXA
TNC Inline JackL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190123T-190XXX
TNC Inline JackS31601110983T-110983
TNC Straight PlugUH25107190408T-UH25107
TNC Straight PlugS22089190408T-190XXX
TNC Straight PlugUH22089150408T-1504XX
TNC Straight PlugUH67163150508T-1505XX
TNC Straight PlugUH44193150108T-1501XX
TNC Straight PlugS55122190608T-190XXX
TNC Straight PlugS33141190308T-190XXX
TNC Straight PlugS67163190508T-190XXX
TNC Straight PlugS65161-A190508AT-1905XXA
TNC Straight PlugL2201TX S46191 S44191 S44193190108T-190XXX
TNC Straight PlugL8620TX S86208 S88207190808T-1908XX
TNC Straight PlugS31601111161T-111161

50 Ohm TRB Connectors

DescriptionFits CablePart NumberTermination Instructions
TRB Triax 3-lugL8620TX110397T-110397
TRB Triax 3-lugL2201TX110438*

Tools For 50 Ohm Coaxial Connectors

Crimp Ferrule Die SetsTool P/NTermination Instructions
Die Set for PIC Cable P/N S22089190418T-190XXX
Die Set for PIC Cable P/N S33141190318T-190XXX
Die Set for PIC Cable P/N S44191, S44193, S46191190118T-190XXX
Die Set for PIC Cable P/N S55122190618T-190XXX
Die Set for PIC Cable P/N S67163190518AT-1905XXA
Die Set for PIC Cable P/Ns S86208, S88207190818T-1908XX
Die Set for MIL-C-17 RG142 and MIL-C-17 RG400190118T-190XXX
Hand Tool M22520/5-01 for above Die Sets110104N/A

50 Ohm Coaxial Adaptors

DescriptionFeaturesPIC P/N
BNC Jack to JackHermetic110195
"N" Type Jack to JackHermetic110185
"N" Type Jack to Jack (18 GHz)Hermetic190013
TNC Jack to JackHermetic190005
TNC Jack to JackHermetic, SS190011
TNC Jack to JackHermetic, Safety Wire Holes190012
TNC Jack to ARINC 404 Size 1 SocketStandard Body190003
TNC Jack to ARINC 600 Mod Size 1 SocketStandard Body190008
TNC Jack to ARINC 600 Mod Size 1 SocketExt. Body190009

QUAD Connector

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DescriptionFeaturesPIC P/N
BNC Jack to Jack (4 Jacks)Hermetic190056
TNC Jack to Jack (4 Jacks)Hermetic190052

Coaxial Loads – 50 Ohm

BNC Male (Pin) 50Ω Load190004
TNC Male (Pin) 50Ω Load190002

Find Connectors for your RFMATES Cable

Note: Refer to Connector drawing or Termination Instructions for tooling information.

*Call PIC Wire & Cable for Tooling.

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