Aircraft Wiring Connectors

PIC Wire & Cable offers an extensive line of high-quality connectors and contacts for aerospace and defense electronic applications. A portfolio of standard and innovative aircraft connectors are offered that improve termination, installation, maintenance, and reliability. PIC Wire & Cable has expanded its connector portfolio with MACHFORCE, a D38999 style high-speed Ethernet connector.

Proper cable assembly is critical to optimizing the full benefits of interconnect technology. PIC Wire & Cable’s assembly facility provides certified and tested assembly sets to simplify the system installation process.

PICMATES includes a portfolio of high-quality connectors and contacts optimized for its cable offering, including TNC, BNC, N, HN, C, SMA, ARINC, M39029, and D-Sub. Paired PICMATES cables and connectors provide a robust interconnect solution by maximizing data transmission, electrical performance, and reliability. To ensure proper field installation, termination instructions and crimp die sets are available for most connectors.

Mil-Spec d38999 Connectors

MACHFORCE is a D38999 style high-speed 10G Ethernet connector designed for rugged aerospace and defense applications. Its patented design offers robust electrical performance, increased data transfer density, easy termination, and field repairability.

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