Aircraft Wiring Connectors

PIC Wire & Cable has an extensive line of high quality connectors and contacts for its cable offering, including TNC, BNC, N, HN, C, SMA, ARINC, M39029 and D-Sub. In addition, PIC has many innovative connectors that improve termination, installation, maintenance and reliability. To ensure proper field installation, termination instructions and crimp die sets are available for most connectors. PIC also offers complete certified cable assemblies built to your requirements.

Our DataMATES special RJ45 ethernet connectors are designed to accept the larger diameter of foam-insulated conductors without special treatment, such as compressing or skinning, saving time and making more reliable connections.

RFMATES 50 Ohm Connectors

VideoMATES 75 Ohm Connectors

DataMATES High Speed Ethernet Connectors