Lightweight Coaxial Cable

ULTRALITE coaxial cables from PIC are the next step in cutting-edge technology. Our latest innovation is designed to be light as a feather and built with low loss materials so that you never sacrifice quality again. These next-generation ULTRALITE cables are an expansion of our already successful 50-ohm RF coaxial cable line to provide extra weight savings for those who have weight restrictions. 

Switching to ULTRALITE cables – such as our UH25107, UH67163, UH22089 and UH44193 models – will allow you to save on a variety of things – from fuel consumption to making your equipment easier to install, without sacrificing performance. With ULTRALITE’s low attenuation, ultra-lightweight design and easy installation, we’re confident it’ll exceed your expectations.   

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ULTRALITE Coaxial Cable – Features & Benefits

  • Better Shielding
    • Silver Plated Copper spiral (helically) wrapped shield
    • Shielding effectiveness of -110 dB
  • Lower Loss (Attenuation)
    • Smaller Size & Bend Radius
  • Improved Dielectric
    • Expanded PTFE or tape wrapped PTFE
    • Higher Velocity of Propagation while maintaining a strong structure
    • Increased flexibility
  • Laser Markable
    • High temperature, white laser-markable jacket
    • Eliminates the need for labeling

As part of our RFMATES line, ULTRALITE cables are 50-ohm coaxial cables that can be specified for applications encompassing Collision Avoidance, Communications, and Navigation.

For an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the ULTRALITE cables, please reference our Technical Article.

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Comparison Table

ReplacementAWGLoss @ 1.0 GHz
dB/100 ft (dB/100m)
O.D. in (mm)Weight
lbs/100 ft
(kg/100 m)
Burn TestConnectors

Light Weight Low Loss Coax Cables

UH25107RG211082.8 (9.2)0.445 (11.30)12.0 (17.9)ViewView
UH22089103.5 (11.5)0.345 (8.76)7.2 (10.7)ViewView
UH67163RG393146.2 (20.3)0.227 (5.77)3.4 (5.1)ViewView
UH44193RG400/1421910.4 (34.1)0.155 (3.94)1.9 (2.9)ViewView

NOTE: All Electrical, Mechanical, and Environmental (EWIS) Testing has been completed on ULTRALITE cables and their associated connector line. These tests include Vibration, Shock, Thermal Shock, Aging Stability, Flammability, and more. A complete list of the tests completed is available along with a full qualification test report (QTR) if requested here.

Lightweight RF Cable Weight Savings Case Studies

CarrierSpecExisting Coax WeightReplacement
Total Weight Savings% Lighter
Leading OEM Airframe809.1 feet per copter59.06 lbs28.82 lbs30.24 lbs51.2%
Regional Jet certified 200538 Coax Assemblies per plane89.74 lbs45.90 lbs43.84 lbs48.9%

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